Ways to Sell a Home Quickly for Cash

When a homeowner needs to sell a home quick for cash, there’s often a level of stress around the sale of the house that is rather high. Because of this pressure, it’s easy for homeowners to make mistakes or miss steps they could take to get the property to market more quickly. Here are a few ways a homeowner can help their house retail more quickly.

Provide Great Photos

One of the most important factors to sell a home quick for cash is simply getting more people to take notice of the property, and a great way to do that is making sure that the listing has multiple, well thought out photographs that cover every room, every major point, and every interesting feature of the house. Areas left unphotographed will often be subject to assumptions that something is being hidden, so coverage should be as close to total as possible. Photographs should be taken with a high-quality camera and provided in an appropriate format. It may be worth hiring a professional to handle this task, depending on the asking price and the urgency of the sale.

Be Flexible for Walkthroughs

Buyers are going to want to see the property before they purchase, and the walkthrough is critical to getting a sale made. The sale will come much faster if the homeowner is very flexible with allowing visits from potential buyers. Not every buyer will be able to visit after work hours or on the weekends, so having the house be available for weekday tours will help keep the pool of interested buyers large. This will require keeping the house ready to show at all times so that the owner can allow a walkthrough at a moment’s notice.

Set the Right Price

One of the most straightforward ways to market a house quickly is to price it cheaply. The owner will need to decide the balance of price vs. speed, but bringing the price down just a bit may greatly improve the speed of the sale. The owner should work with the real estate agent to determine the right price based on what the owner wants to get out of the property, local housing trends, and comparable properties.


It is easy to simply set a price and let the real estate agent handle the listing, however, this may not lead to the quickest sale. The owner should talk with the agent and make sure that they are all are on the same page as to the urgency of the sale, and request whatever additional advertising makes sense. Furthermore, the homeowner should also take some of the responsibility for advertising the property. Social media, local forums, or even word of mouth to friends and family can be the crucial channel through which a quick sale is made. The homeowner cannot rely solely on the agent to get the information out widely.

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