Ways to Prepare a Home for Sale in San Diego

While it is currently a seller’s market in San Diego, it’s essential to adequately prepare a home before putting it on the market. Listing an unprepared house is likely to lead to fewer offers, a longer selling process, and even a lower price. Homes for sale in San Diego should be attractive, inviting, and allow someone to imagine themselves living there. Complete renovations are often not necessary for the average seller, but there are small to medium things that a person can do to improve a property’s suitability for sale. Here are a few.

Curb Appeal

One of the most significant moments of emotional impact for a prospective buyer is the second they see the house from the road. A home that looks dingy or ill-kept or even just doesn’t look inviting may provide a poor first impression that, while someone may not be able to put their finger on it, drives them away from the property. One should try looking at it from the position of the buyer. Drive or walk up to it from all directions, look for opportunities to remove items blocking the view or that detract from the focus on the house. Ensure the lawn and landscaping are kept up, that the door and windows look nice from the outside, and that it is clean and isn’t showing any signs of wear or damage. Make the first impression as impactful and attractive as possible. Homes for sale in San Diego should support that first, impactful look and carry that impact from the curb and through the door.

Make it Sparkle

The second big emotional moment is opening the front door and walking in. This is the second opportunity to make a big impact. The entire house needs to be cleaned and inviting, but the entryway should have the most attention paid to it. One should make sure the hall closet if there is one, is clean, neat and organized. If the closets are a mess, it implies that there may not be enough storage space, and storage is always high on the list. Shampoo and steam clean the carpeting to remove any stains or discoloration on the floor. Smells are often overlooked and underestimated when it comes to impact. One should do everything they can to reduce unpleasant odors, removing pets well before showing, deep cleaning carpeting, and upholstery, replacing HVAC filters, and running portable air filters. It is often suggested to use room deodorizers, but some may be sensitive to these smells or assume they are being used to cover something up. Lighter scents like potpourri, flowers or even baking are subtler and more welcoming.

Tone Down the Personality

A seller may well be trying to sell a home that has been decorated and personalized to perfectly match with their tastes. However, a strong personality in a house for sale is often a detriment as it makes it harder for a person to imagine it in their own style and take the crucial step of imagining living in the home. Wall decorations should be subtle and neutral; cabinet hardware may need to be replaced with simpler fixtures, wall paint should be considered for any non-neutral walls, even very distinct or unique furniture, and artwork should be removed, all of these help make the home more easily fit the buyer’s style and designs.

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