The Top Ways to Sell One’s Home

Selling one’s home is a big step. Maybe it’s the place where toddlers took first steps or first Christmases were celebrated. Perhaps it has been the stage for goodbyes as now-grown children head into the world. Maybe it was the backdrop for wedding receptions that started a whole new life for new adults ready to start to make memories of their own.

Selling one’s home is letting go of all of that…and so much more. There are decisions to be made about pricing. There is marketing to consider and showings to schedule. In many instances, homeowners need to sell their home fast in order to be free of painful memories or to be eased of financial burden.

Here are the top ways to sell one’s home:


“FSBO” simply means “for sale by owner.” Those who have gone down this road know it may be more trouble than it’s worth. For example, suddenly the owner is responsible for evaluating the home’s value and setting a fair and marketable price. The seller is also in charge of getting the word out about the sale. Putting a sign in one’s yard may seem easy, but it isn’t very effective. True marketing involves web promotion, social media ads, and advertisements in local papers and magazines. These factors cost time and money…time and money that most FSBO sellers don’t have. Usually in these cases, the home ends up selling far below its value.

2) Real Estate Brokers

A simpler solution is to select and work with a real estate agent from a local agency. They handle the pricing, the marketing, and the advertising. They also deal with scheduling showings with prospective buyers and giving tours to those interested in learning more about the home. They are trained to handle the filing of all of the necessary forms and paperwork needed to complete the sale after negotiating the best price for the seller.

3) Website Sales

With the rise of the world Wide Web and social media, one can buy and sell just about anything online, and real estate is no exception. Many online organizations promise to sell one’s home quick and for cash. Some will offer a quick sale after a 10-minute walk-through and 7 days to process paperwork. Some companies offer to handle renovations to houses in order to get them ready for the market, in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Many companies will purchase houses as is.

Yes, selling a home can be a daunting process, but thanks to modern technology, there are many options to make the process a fast and easy one. All sellers have to do is to make the right choice for themselves.

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