Top 3 Mistakes Slowing Down Most House Sales in San Diego

While real estate in San Diego continues to grow, some people list their homes for sale, but the sale doesn’t actually take place. It’s common to see some houses take months to sell, while others take a couple of days to sell. For the most part, the reason for the delayed sale of some homes could be that the seller didn’t do a number of important things that usually make a sale possible. When selling a home, here are a few of the mistakes homeowners need to avoid.

Not removing clutter from the home

Typically, when potential buyers view a house for sale, they would like to envision their furniture and other personal belongings in the home. The last thing they would like to see is a cluttered house.

Excessive clutter has a way of making a room look smaller than it truly is. Before opening the house to potential buyers, homeowners should pack up their knickknacks and put them in a separate storage unit. They should store any excess furniture there as well, and pack away any additional stuff from the closets.

Not making repairs

You don’t have to spend a fortune fixing damaged parts of the house. However, if a faucet is damaged, for example, it should be fixed. Fix those squeaky hinges, and replace any missing door hinges on the cabinets.

Check out the handrails on the stairs and ensure they’re secure. Replace a stained and smelly carpet as it can easily turn a potential buyer off. Painting the walls of a house will also make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Houses for sale should look fresh and attractive to the buyer. Making the necessary repairs will also increase the home’s value.

Not working with a real estate agent

Most homeowners shun away from the thought of working with a real estate agent because they think it’s costly. Well, preparing homes for sale take a lot of time and effort, and it’s recommended such tasks be left to the experts in the industry. Using such agents are beneficial because they can help sell homes faster, as they have the necessary experience to put a home out there to potential buyers.

Real estate agents also know top-notch negotiation techniques required to get the best price for a home. They know all the paperwork and the laws surrounding real estate in San Diego, which needs to be followed to sell a home.

Many homeowners make these crucial mistakes and selling a home becomes a nightmare.

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