The Top 2018 Real Estate Trends

Whether you are in the real estate business or you are simply buying or selling a home, knowing the market trends at the time of a sale or purchase should be something that you place as a high priority. This can help you get the best deal because you could know how to market yourself, and it can help you determine whether it is the right time to buy or sell a home. Here are some of the trends that real estate in San Diego has seen in 2018.

As with nearly every other industry, the advancement of technology has affected the buying and selling of homes in a major way over the years. Agents can now increase their exposure to listings using the vast multitude of platforms available both online and offline. If you are an agent trying to keep up with the times, make sure that you are familiar with these platforms and how to use them to your advantage. If you are a buyer or seller in search of an agent, find one that knows about these platforms.

Another advancement in the housing business is that home prices are on the rise. This is not so great for buyers, especially those buying their first home, but it is great for those who are selling. Since 2012, San Diego has seen growth at around 10% per year, give or take, and 2018 doesn’t seem to be drifting far from that trend.

Another new trend this area may be seeing more of in the coming years is the conversion of malls to multi-family buildings. With the creation of online shopping, malls just aren’t as popular as they used to be, causing many of them to die out or become very unpopulated. Instead of just letting them sit there or tearing them down, some places are turning them into apartment complexes, homeless shelters, or communities. This can be a great way to recycle old buildings that are no longer in use as well as provide more homes for people.

Finally, there is becoming a shift in housing situations for both baby boomers and millennials. More millennials are starting to look into buying their first home, contrary to what the media may be saying. At the same time, many baby boomers are beginning to sell their homes in search of rental opportunities,

With each passing year, the housing trends may shift ever so slightly. It is important when you are in the real estate business or simply choosing to buy or sell a home that you pay attention to these trends in order to determine the best time to act. With some of these trends in mind, you may find investing easier or simply save some money.

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