Tips for Purchasing a Fixer Upper

In many cases, people may need to sell their house in San Diego even though it is not in the best condition to be sold. Still, there will always be people who have to do it, which means that purchasing a fixer upper is always a good idea, regardless of the market or the time of the year. Still, if one is hoping to turn a profit from remodelling it, then here are several steps and tips one should consider.

Ideal Fixer Upper

When one is looking at houses to sell in San Diego, they should think that the ideal fixer upper is one that everyone will love to have in the future but not right now. Indeed, many buyers, especially those that are getting their first home, want it o be in the best condition possible so that they can just move right in. However, many of the issues that turn people away, such as carpets that are worn, fixtures that are too old, or paint that is peeling, can be corrected very easily.

Location and Layout

Not all fixer uppers are equal and just because their owner needs to sell that house in San Diego as fast as possible, and the price is quite low, it doesn’t mean one should purchase it. First off, the fixer upper should be in a great location, where people will be likely to want to buy. A property that’s near a landfill, school, railway tracks, or near an airport may not be the best options.

As far as the home’s configuration goes, one should make sure that it is a three bedroom home and has more than one bathrooms since this is the layout potential buyers are most likely to want to purchase. In addition, when one goes from room to room, they should feel like everything is flowing nicely, rather than being chopped. If everything seems to be flowing too awkwardly, it may be a better idea to leave that alone, since changing walls can be extremely expensive.


If one has found a house that is in a great location, and has an amazing layout, the next step is getting it inspected to ensure that there aren’t any underlying issues one may have to deal with in the future. Pest inspections, sewer line, roof certifications, as well as reports from engineers are all crucial to have if one wants to make sure that they won’t be left with a huge repair bill they were not expecting.

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