Tips for Moving to A New House

Just got a slice of real estate in San Diego, and now will be moving to the new dream house? While moving can be a very exciting experience, it could also turn out to be a devastating experience. The difference between both scenarios is simply knowing what and what not to do. Remember these tips when moving into a new house in San Diego.

Label All Packing Boxes

There have been instances of nervous breakdown and even law suits simply because an item that was safely packed from the old house now seems lost in the new house. Labelling each packing boxes could help avoid such high emotional and legal scenes. One helpful labelling method is to indicate the room (kitchen, attic, bedroom) in the new house where the items in the box will be going. Alternatively, indicating what type of item (shoes, glassware) is contained in the box is another labelling method. All the same, one could adopt both methods to further simplify things.

Seize the opportunity to purge

Spring cleaning is not the only time to purge the house of no longer useful items. Moving to a new house is a perfect opportunity for a purge. Get personal items organized and sort those to be kept, those to be given out and those to be thrown away or where possible, recycled.

Do an inventory before and after the move

It’s no surprise that items vanish during a move. However, the only chance of even knowing if something is missing and then taking legal action against the moving company is if there is an inventory, both before and after the move. The inventory is not to necessarily contain items like chalk, newspaper or toilet roll, however, valuable items should be included.

It might be tedious doing an inventory on paper, one, you could include an object twice or just make unavoidable human mistakes. For this, there are some apps that assist in helping you take an inventory when moving. You can check out the Liberty Mutual’s free Home Gallery App which allows users to also include details like when and where the item was purchased.

Setting up a Parking Station

Chaos are the order of the day in a house where the occupants are relocating. To keep sanity, having a parking station helps. Also, using a high raise platform for a parking station will reduce bending and attendant back pains.

Try to do everything simply

Resist the temptation to pack and move all in one day, that can be really overwhelming. Group tasks and designate days to complete them. Just take things one day at a time. Overwhelming will only induce stress and more expenses if one ends up in the hospital.
Make moving work with fun using these helpful tips.

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