Steps to Tearing a House Down

In some cases, tearing a house one has bought on the San Diego real estate market down, instead of trying to fix it, may be the best and most financially-sound option. Indeed, if the house is completely deteriorated, trying to repair it may lead to a lot more costs than simply tearing it down and building a whole new one. Plus, one may also have to deal with the uncertainty that there may be other things one hasn’t repaired yet and that they will have to tackle in the future.


When tearing down property, one has to first go to city and county officials to make sure they acquire the right permits. There are cases in which homeowners decide to break their house down without one. But this is not a good idea, because one may have to pay fines, which are surely going to cost a whole lot more than just purchasing the correct permit in the first place.

Utility Companies and Fire Department

The next step to tearing down a real estate property in San Diego, is one should go to utility companies since water, electricity and gas cannot be simply turned off and taken away. Instead, utility companies have to disconnect and terminate them at the source. As such, companies like these may want to first inspect the place. The fire department may want to do the same, which is why it’s a good idea to let them know.

Hazardous Materials

Some homes that were built a long time ago may have been made with materials that today are known to cause problems. Asbestos, for instance, was used in ceilings and floorings, among others, for quite a long time. Removing these sorts of harmful materials should be done with special help, which may cost a few dollars more per square foot to take away.

Mortgage Lender

Next, one should make sure to talk to their mortgage lender since a mortgage is made to be secured to the structure, not just the land. In some cases, the lender may demand payment in full where a demolition takes place, so it’s crucial to inform one about things like this.

Building Plans

Those who want to continue building a whole new house, should submit their plans for approval, since their community may keep them from getting the exact house they want. As such, the more time ahead people make sure to submit their plans, the more time they have to figure out if something needs to be changed.

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