Selling a House Quickly in San Diego

When a homeowner has a need to sell their house in San Diego quickly, it can be a nightmare. Whether due to an emergency or an opportunity, having a sale drag out can add a tremendous amount of stress to someone’s life. While there’s no silver bullet for a quick sale, there are several things the homeowner can do to make it more likely that the home will sell quickly.

Focus on Impact

There are two main emotional impact moments when a potential buyer looks at a property.

The first is referred to as curb appeal, and is when they first see the house from the street or sidewalk. This is the seller’s first opportunity to craft an emotional reaction that leads to action. The homeowner should physically look at the home from various viewpoints approaching the property and note what needs to be highlighted and what needs to be touched up. New paint, shutters, improved landscaping, and new flowerbeds are just a few ways the curb appeal can be improved. Taking an objective look at the home from their perspective will almost always lead to a list of changes that can be made.

The second moment is when the buyer walks in the front door. Staging will be discussed below, but focus on this moment, what can be seen from the front door. Perfect that viewpoint first, as that is when they make their first real judgment about the inside of the house.

Fix the Details

Small problems can have an outsized effect. Minor issues like damaged or worn fixtures, scuffed floors, worn carpet and chipped paint can all add up and suggest that the home has been poorly maintained. That impression, true or not, will cause many to drop the property due to worries about overdue maintenance and lurking problems. If a homeowner needs to sell a house in San Diego quickly, it’s important to keep as many buyers interested as possible.

Stage the Home

Staging is less common than it should be, given the impact it can have. Especially in an empty house, tasteful and professional staging can make a huge difference in selling price and speed. Staging involves not just arranging furniture, but deep cleaning and depersonalizing the space, too. This allows buyers to more easily imagine themselves living there, as it is more neutral than a lived-in home and less sterile and bare than an empty home. This is also a part of making that emotional connection, which motivates individuals to move quickly and often to pay a higher price.

Select the Best Price

One of the quickest ways to get a sale is to have a very low price. Obviously, this isn’t applicable in all cases and may not be a good idea in many cases, but adjusting the price to the lower end of the spectrum will nearly always increase the speed of the sale. The homeowner should research the comparable properties for sale in the area and understand that those are the competition. A seller’s agent should also be able to provide good pricing advice for their area.

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