Selling a Damaged Home that Cannot be Fixed

One may think of putting their house up for sale in the San Diego real estate listings, but may be wondering how to do so, particularly if their home is not up to the standards of other local properties. This article will go over the most common issues with houses and how to deal with them.


Some houses were simply not lucky from the beginning, having been built in a bad location, which is less than desirable for potential buyers. There are plenty of examples of bad locations such as near areas with lots of traffic, commercial properties, sports arenas, landfills, or cemeteries. In addition, those houses that are subject to lots of noise pollution or those that are close to schools are also considered a bad location. The best way to overcome this issue is by pricing the house lower than other houses.

Bad Layouts

There are cases in which even though the house is located in a wonderful area, the layout of it makes potential buyers who see it on the San Diego real estate market cringe in horror. Indeed, while some layouts are fixable, others, are not, and even if they are, they would need a lot of investing to do so. Examples of bad layouts include doorways and halls that are simply too narrow, bedrooms that are placed on different levels, or bedrooms that are adjoining. Also, dining rooms being in the center of the house, bedrooms that are on the upper level, and stairs in the middle of the home are all considered to be design flaws.

Deferred Maintenance

This is a fancy term for homes that need to be fixed. With many of these, the best solution is sadly, to tear it down completely. Even those that can be fixed have to be sold for much less than the others around it, simply because the new owner will have to put in a lot of work. Work, of course, also means money, which is why the lowered price.

Regardless of what the defect of the house is, one should try their best to lower the price until it reaches a point where it is acceptable for potential buyers. Otherwise, they will have to leave the house listed for a long time before anyone will think of purchasing it.

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