Quick Tips to Clean Your Home Naturally for an Open House

When there is a need to sell a house, San Diego homeowners want to make sure that it is fully ready for a showing. A clean home is a comfortable home, but using chemicals to keep it clean may be counterproductive. Not only do you want your home clean, but you want it safe too. Many commercial cleaning products are made of a variety of harsh chemicals. However, you can have a sparkling home without using a single a chemical.

Cleaning the Bathroom Naturally

The bathroom is a haven for germs and it is important to keep this room clean and healthy. First, the toilet is probably everyone’s least favorite thing to clean, but you can make it easy. Take a toilet brush and put some baking soda on it. Then, all you have to do is scrub your toilet as you would with any cleaner. About once a month use some borax instead to disinfect. The outside of the toilet can be quickly cleaned with white vinegar.

If you have a problem with soap scum and mold in your shower, as many people do, grab the white vinegar again. It will take some elbow grease to get the stubborn mold off, but vinegar is very effective in getting this done.

Cleaning the Kitchen Naturally

The kitchen is also very heavy with germs. You can create an effective and natural disinfectant for kitchen counters with four tablespoons of vinegar, ¼ teaspoon of castile soap liquid, two teaspoons of borax and three cups of hot water. This can all be mixed and added to a spray bottle for easier use. Then, just use a clean reusable cloth to wipe away the germs.

Kitchen floors are not the cleanest because we often spend a lot of time in this room tracking germs throughout the floors. Take a gallon of hot water and four cups of distilled vinegar. Mix these well and use a green mop to get the floors clean. Since vinegar does not have the most pleasant smell, add a dab or two of peppermint oil or lemon oil to the mix for a fresh scent.

Cleaning the Air in Your Home Naturally

House plants are really good at filtering the air in your home. Some of the best ones are spider plants, rubber plants, English ivy and peace lilies. Just a few medium-sized houseplants will make a difference.

If you want to add a nice scent to your home, essential oils are your friend. Simply put your favorite essential oil on some cotton balls and hide them around the house. For example, place one behind the couch, one behind the cookie jar in the kitchen and one behind the toilet in the bathroom. If you have pets and small children, be sure to put these in places where they cannot get to them.

When you need to sell a house in San Diego, making sure it is clean will ensure that potential buyers are seeing it in the best light. Ensure a complete clean that covers every square foot before you show it for the first time.

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