Questions to Ask Before Selling a Home

After years of joy and sadness, happiness and sorrow, irreplaceable memories, a homeowner could decide it is time to move on. Reasons for a home sale in San Diego could range from trying to downsize (after a divorce or death) or trying to move on to better and bigger things. Whatever the reason for homes sale, there are questions to ask before before putting up a home for sale in San Diego.

While it might be tempting to attempt to handle the marketing and sale of your home personally, thereby avoiding costs. It could actually end up becoming an expensive decision that could have been avoided by allowing the professionals to handle it. The realtor will be busy trying to give expert opinions to questions to be asked before selling a home.

Is it the right time to sell?

Identifying the market a house will be sold will make a difference and help in getting a buyer for the house fast enough. So, will it be the buyer’s market or the seller’s market?
Selling during a seller’s market increases the chance of getting the best price available for the home. On the other hand, selling in a buyer’s market would require lots of strategic planning.

Will the next home be bigger or smaller?

It’s been noted that some reasons for selling a home could be to downsize or upsize. Deciding on the type of home to by next is crucial before going through with a home sale. It’s possible, that period might be the right time to sell, but not the right time to buy. A lot of mistakes can be avoided if these two prerogatives can be balanced.

What marketing strategies will be used?

It’s not enough to get the home attractive to prospective buyers, the home has to be marketed for prospective buyers to know it is up for sale and then come make offers for it. Before thinking of even listing the house, there should be a workable marketing strategy in place.

Is reason for selling logical or emotional?

Bearing in mind that most people have some sort of emotional attachment to a home that have lived in for years, these emotions could inform rash decisions to make sudden spontaneous sales. Examining the real reason for a sale is important to ensure the seller is doing the right thing and not suffering a loss. It doesn’t matter whether the move is for upgrading or downsizing, it must be reflected on properly.

What will be the listing price?

Calculating the listing price for a home should be concluded before it goes up for sale. Several factors are considered when trying to arrive at a figure. Things like location of home, when home was built, prevailing market price, size, and so on, will be considered. Some experts suggest fixing a prize 10% lower than the highest in the market in order to get a quick sale.

Are there competitors?

It’s wise finding out if there are other homes for sale in San Diego so as to know whether a seller is doing it right. So long as there are no intellectual property infringement, duplicating what has worked for your competition is a good idea.

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