Questions to Ask Before Listing a House for Sale

People always have a sort of attachment (whether good or bad) to a place they have lived for awhile, no matter how short. As life must always go on, relocations are inevitable and then the house suddenly lands on the San Diego real estate listings. Before getting to this point, there are certain questions begging for answers before a house is listed for sale.

When is the Best Time to Sell?

Real estate experts agree spring and summer are the best periods to sell a house. This period is also generally a time when lots of prospects are looking for houses due to relocation or taking up new jobs.

Those in a hurry might want to take special note of this fact. Selling a house during a season different from the two just mentioned means the house could sit on the listings for a very long period, further decreasing the chances of a sale. As a caution, listing a house during a fast season like spring and summer does not guarantee sale, it only means the odds will be in the seller’s favour.

What is the best selling price considering size and location of house?

Several factors need to be considered before fixing the price for a house about to go on the San Diego real estate listings. One of such factors is the size of the house. How many bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms can the house accommodate? Another factor is the location of the house. What’s the neighborhood of the house like? Careful consideration of these factors will help arrive at a price that will be convenient for both buyer and seller.

Is there anything a seller should do to prepare the home for sale?

Yes! A whole lot! A house which appears rundown and in bad shape being listed for sale is simply real estate suicide. To make the house attractive and presentable to prospective buyers, it is advisable to consider painting and grooming the premises.

Depending on the current situation of the house, carrying out necessary renovations, including cosmetic repairs would increase the interest rate of prospective buyers. The importance of preparing the home is underscored by the fact that prospective buyers, potentially make only one inspection visit to the house. And if they fail to have the first good impression, they are likely never coming back.

Current Market Condition

Just like every market, the real estate is also not a stable one. It is worth consulting with a realtor for explanations in understanding the real estate current market condition before listing your San Diego house.

How long will it take before offers start coming?

There is no fixed answer to that. It all depends on the selling price of the house. Houses with an easily affordable price, could have buyers come knocking within a few days, while houses with high prices could take weeks or even months.

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