Preparing the House for Winter

One may have purchased their home from someone who needed to sell it quick for cash. If this is the case, there may have been several tasks one had to complete to make the property livable. Regardless of the particular situation, when the temperatures begin to drop, it can be a good idea to start preparing the house for winter to ensure that one doesn’t have any mishaps during the colder months.


The most important thing to do is inspect the furnace to make sure that it is in good working order. As such, one should be sure to call an HVAC professional, who knows what to watch out for, and who will be able to clean the ducts if they need cleaning. Something that may help is changing the old thermostat with one that is programmable. This is a great idea even for those who need to sell their home quick for cash, because it may make a difference for potential buyers. Indeed, a programmable thermostat allows one to feel comfortable at home, and may even lower utility bills.


Another thing one should get ready, even if they’re thinking of selling their home quick for cash, is the fireplace. If it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, one should call a chimney sweep to take care of it. The top should be capped to ensure that rodents and birds are kept away.

Exterior, Doors, and Windows

One should make sure to look around the exterior of the house to ensure that it doesn’t have any cracks. If one finds any exposed entry points, they should seal them. If there is cracked glass, one should be sure to replace it. Window wells from basements should be protected with shields made of plastic.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If one doesn’t already have these safety features, they should make sure to install them as soon as possible. Indeed, when winter comes and fireplaces are used, these detectors can save one’s life in case there is a fire.


As far as plumbing goes, one should make sure to locate where the water main is so that they can shut it off if need be. Garden hoses should all be drained and if there are any plumbing pipes that are exposed, one should be sure to insulate them. Pipes from air conditioning should also be drained. If one goes on vacation, the temptation may be to turn the heat completely off to save money. However, this could lead to plumbing freezing, which is why one should at least leave the heat for 55 degrees.

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