Do I Need to do a Home Inspection?

If you are new to the real estate market in San Diego and have never purchased or sold a house before, you may be unfamiliar with the process of home inspections. Carried out by the buyer of the prospective house, they are a way for the potential new owner to get a good idea of the condition of the home before purchasing. They are not mandatory however, and some people find themselves questioning whether it is worth the extra cost.

Allow you to Find Problems

Home inspections are performed by verified professionals who are experienced and trained in what to look for on the property when it comes to making sure everything is optimally functioning and the house is ready for occupancy. While there is a specific list of areas the inspection does and does not cover, the inspector will quickly be able to alert you to problems in the house, such as structural issues, a crack in the foundation, anything related to the doors and windows and much more. For the untrained eye, these problems may not be visible, and when left unchecked could put you in a hazardous or costly situation.

Allow you to Negotiate

If your inspector does find problems, on account of using a certified inspector and having he or she sign off on the property, you will be able to negotiate with the current owners on the best way to fix the problem before moving in. For example, if the inspector found that there was a problem with the structural integrity of one of the walls and a beam needed to be replaced, you could negotiate with the current owners to have this work done as a condition of sale before closing and settlement. Alternatively, other new buyers negotiate to pay less in lieu of having the repairs done and then will have the repairs completed themselves after they move in. Whatever the case, without a proper inspection, none of these negotiating options are on the table.

Allow you to Walk Away

One of the biggest advantages of having a certified inspection is that you can walk away from the property depending on the outcome, and opt to not follow through with the sale. If your inspector finds a lot of problems with the house, or the current owners are unwilling to negotiate having the repairs done as necessary, than it is within your rights to null the relationship and opt not to purchase the property. Depending on how far into the process you are, without a home inspection, this may not be an option and you will still have to take the house.

While it may at first simply seem like an added out-of-pocket expense on an already expensive investment, it can in the end save you a lot of time and money to have a proper house inspection done before moving in. Just be sure to use a certified inspector and keep a copy of the report for the sale.

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