How to Know if it is Time for a New Home

If you have lived in your current home for several years, you may have grown quite comfortable there. But with life transitions, it may no longer be serving you well, and it could be time for something different.

You Have Outgrown Your Current Home

Whether you have more kids or fewer kids, a different lifestyle or it simply doesn’t fit your design style anymore, it is fine to not feel like you fit with your home. Many people find they need a new home as their family gets bigger for more space, while others downsize as their kids move out and they want less space. Being aware of how the home fits with your life and your day to day activities is a great place to start in deciding if you should stay.

Your Neighborhood Doesn’t Serve You

Sometimes it’s not about the home itself, but the neighborhood where your home is located. Some people seem to outgrow their neighborhood before their home, and start lacking the sense of community and connection that you like to experience in the area where you live. Perhaps it is a neighborhood populated by young couples who don’t have kids and spend their time more centred around their social life than family life. While that may have been you when you first moved in, you have gotten older and have a child now, and the neighborhood has still stayed young!

You Work in a Different Place

The location of your work can be a significant factor in determining where you choose to live. If you have gotten a new job since you originally moved into your home, this is likely something that will impact your decision to stay or move. For example, if your new job now means you have a much longer commute, it may not be the best home location for you. Perhaps your work means you need to be available on short notice to go into the office, but the traffic is unpredictable in the area near your home and it is not always possible. These are a few example scenarios that might indicate a new home is in order.

You Need to do a Lot of Repairs

Like anything, your home and property will start to wear down over time, requiring regular repairs. Maintenance and upkeep repairs are one thing, and are certainly to be expected, but if it starts to be that a lot of things are in need of a repairman or a renovation job, it might not be the best investment of your money. To help you decide, think about the cost of the repair and how much you have already spent on repairs, as well as if there are any other known renovations and work within the foreseeable future. If it all seems to be stacking up and a costly bill is ensuing, looking at houses for sale in the Bay Area and relocating may be a more financially feasible solution.

Whether it is more kids, fewer kids, lots of repairs or just the need for a change in scenery, if you know it is time for a new home, hit the market and start hunting!

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