The Importance of Getting a Land Survey

When you are seeking a new place to live and are looking at real estate in San Diego, chances are you have several things on your mind. Having an agent can help you keep all of these things in order not only during the searching process but also once you have found a home to close on. One step that may be suggested by your agent is to get a land survey, although this is optional. Here is some information about this step and why it may be an important one for you.

The first step to determining whether or not you should get a survey is to understand what it is. Simply put, it is like a map of the plot that the home sits on, which shows you where the home is in relation to the boundary lines and the other structures on the lot. There are a few different types of surveys, and the most inclusive one is called a boundary survey. These will show where the property lines are instead of just an approximation, and they will also show all structures already on the property including current fences and more.

There are a few benefits for a potential buyer to get a land survey. The first reason may be because they plan to build a fence, a pool, or another structure in addition to the home. Knowing where exactly your property ends and the neighbor’s begins is crucial for building on your land so that there are not disputes later. Another reason to get the survey before you buy is to make sure there are not already existing structures encroaching over the property line from one plot to the other. If you are the buyer and this is found to be the case, you often have the right to ask for this problem to be solved in order for the sale to go through.

Getting a survey done on a prospective property should be relatively simple. If you have hired a real estate agent, they should know how to go about getting this done, or you could ask the closing title company for help in getting it scheduled. If you are not able to get help from either of these sources, an online search can help you find some of the surveying companies available to you.

When looking into a new house, there are several things to keep in mind that can help you determine that it is the right property for you. If you are planning to build anything on your property after you buy it, getting the land survey may be one of these important steps to keep in mind.

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