A Homebuyer’s Checklist for Neighboring Services

When buying a new home, there are a myriad of factors that a buyer needs to have in mind. From the build of the home itself, to its price tag, to the surrounding neighborhood, so many things need to be attended to and processed in order for the buyer to get the most out of their new purchase. One of the key factors not to be overlooked in buying a new home is a sufficiency of nearby services. A second saved is a penny earned, after all; when a home is located within close proximity of necessary services, homeowners effectively save themselves the hassle of having to travel a long way in order to get what they’re looking for. For buyers’ benefit, here is a checklist of some key neighboring services that should ideally be located within close proximity to a new home.


Grocery Store


When going through the various San Diego real estate listings, it’s important for homeowners to take grocery store proximity into account. Groceries are an absolute necessity, and most families tend to visit the grocery store several times a week. It would save the homeowner plenty of gas and a lot of time if the grocery store is located within 10 minutes walking distance of their place of residence rather than 20 minutes driving distance. Normally, proximity to some form of grocery store is something that most listings can claim, though this is certainly not the case for homes located remotely.




Proximity to a hospital isn’t something that most buyers tend to prioritize – that is, until some unexpected health issue occurs. When it does, the affected person needs to be taken to a hospital, fast. This is when the homeowner thanks their lucky stars that they chose a place of residence in close proximity to a hospital, since a hospital that’s 10 minutes further away could have been the difference between life and death.




This one obviously only applies to families with pets. Those families should prioritize proximity to a veterinarian’s office as highly as they do proximity to a hospital. If an unexpected health issue occurs in the animal, such as them eating chocolate and experiencing stomach pain, the animal will needed to be rushed to the vet as soon as possible, and serious issues can be prevented if the office is located nearby.




Families with children can save a great amount of time and stress by choosing a home within walking distance to a school. That way, the kids can take it upon themselves to get to class on time, and the parents can go to work without having to worry about getting their kids to school. Additionally, it makes things easier for the parent if they frequently attend parent-teacher meetings or engage and help out in extracurricular school activities.


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