Cool Lighting Ideas to Stage Your Outdoor Space

The right outdoor lighting can set your home apart from the rest of the San Diego real estate listings. Lighting is also a rather inexpensive way to change the look of your home at night and add some flair. The key is to use lighting properly and not to overindulge. Just make sure that you get this done to ensure the right staging for your outdoor space before the first showing.

Flameless Candles

These are a neat little invention that allows for the safe use of candles. You can place one flameless tea light candle into one covered jar or small lantern. You can create as many of these as you need. These can then be hung from trees or lines to illuminate your backyard or a porch or patio. Since the candles are flameless, you do not have to worry about anything catching fire. When a candle dies out, simply replace the batteries as you would in anything else battery powered.

Faux Rock Lights

These can line walkways and be placed on the sides of steps to light them up. These are rocks that look just like real rocks that have a small light in the center of them. These can be battery powered or electrical and then set to a timer. You can place these every two feet to fully illuminate a walkway. When using them on steps, you can place them every one or two steps, depending on how deep your stairs are.

Floating Candles

If you have a small pond, a pool or a fountain, you can put floating candles into these. This is a good idea for when you are having an outdoor party and want to light things up and add some gentle romance to the atmosphere. You can use floating candles made of wax that require fire to light them, or you can use floating flameless tea light candles that are waterproof. In addition to the candles, you can place flower petals into the same pool, pond or fountain for more color and serenity.

Outdoor Lanterns

These come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors and make a good option for lighting a doorway. For example, you can hang two lanterns on either side of your front door for a more classic feel. If you have a front porch, you can hang a few more to light up the entire porch. Choose candles inside for an ambient light and light bulbs for a brighter glow.

You can see that these lighting options are easy and inexpensive, so you can get the staging done quickly before your open house. These ideas work for all San Diego real estate listings, no matter the size of your property.

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