Why Condos Make More Sense Than A Bungalow

San Diego is full of lovely condos. They dot the downtown like little birds nests and are even making appearances in traditionally residential neighbourhoods. Ask any brokerage firm in San Diego about the real estate market and they will give you a broad list of impressive condo options to consider. The development of condo living is not something new to the area of course. Condos have always been an attractive option for a certain portion of the demographic. Only today it seems like the demographics showing interest in the condo market has expanded.

The condo market offers a number of things not present in the free standing residential property market. It is not so much that more positive benefits have been added to condos as the fact that residential real estate has been rising in price recently. Condos – and their broad assortment of features – have always been there as an option. It is only now that people are opening up to the idea of condo living.

Here are some of the factors behind choosing a condo over a smaller home like a bungalow:

Proximity to Business and Cultural Entities

A condo development is usually found in closer proximity to the downtown core. In the downtown is where you get all the fun waterfront related activities and associated business life. It is just more vibrant and resource-rich in this area, and condo dwellers are well-placed to take advantage. This certainly applies to amenities like grocery stores, liquor stores, bookstores, you name it.

The same cannot be said for bungalow living. Bungalows are usually situated in the suburban enclaves surrounding the city. It requires a car to go grocery shopping or pretty much do anything in this kind of setting, which is not an ideal lifestyle for a young or able bodied person with enough energy to walk around and do errands.


The size of a condo makes it more affordable to buy. This is never a bad thing, especially if you are not in need of a lot of space. Do you really need a basement for storage if all you have is a couch, coffee table and TV? Certainly not. It is much more economical to go small when you don’t have much stuff.

Condo Benefits

It may be that you are not fully informed on the benefits that come with condo living. As a condo owner you pay a condo fee and thus gain access to parking privileges, easy waste disposal systems and potential a gym or pool membership for cheap. It is benefits like these that will keep a real estate broker on their feet selling condos across the city of San Diego these days.

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