Why the Bay Area Is So Attractive To Homeowners

Those of us observing the real estate market in San Diego have noticed a real upswing in the speed at which properties are listed and then sold. It is as if the demand for properties hit a switch over the second half of 2017 and suddenly now everyone is looking at San Diego as the hottest spot to live. While real estate agents and interested sellers are no doubt overjoyed at the recent surge, it no doubt brings some challenges to those who prefer real estate prices to remain affordable for all.

It may help to unravel some of the reasons why people are looking to move into the San Diego area in such numbers these days. Like all issues in the real estate industry, no one issue exists in a vacuum. All the movements in local markets across the country are influenced by economic growth, job prospects, family obligation, climate and geographical preferences, and the actual property value itself. Looked at from this macro-scale, we can say that there are a number of valuable attributes to San Diego that draw people in.

Excellent Weather

The most evident positive about San Diego is the weather. People who have spent their lives in the northern portions of the country must get fed up with the winter at some point. Only so many trips to Mexico can be made before the winter’s back home get unbearable and living in warmth becomes a priority. San Diego offers this environment to those seeking some enduring reprieve from the snow and ice.

Proximity to Los Angeles and San Fran

Another benefit to San Diego is the proximity to metropolitan hubs like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Only a couple of hours in the car brings you to these bastions of American industry, culture, and progress, and this is undoubtedly one of the major attractions to a comfortable city like San Diego. You get cheaper real estate without having to compromise on the experience of major cities.

Beautiful Nature

Located in a bay is something that separates San Diego from other coastal cities. The calmness and serenity of the water makes for idyllic sites and sounds. Boating culture is alive and well, and locals spend as much time as possible gazing into the expansive ocean without feeling the anxiety of crashing waves and stormy waters.

Economic Opportunity

The city is no slouch itself. There are great economic opportunities in the city and a number of excellent companies that give the city an impressive image to outsiders.

Real Estate Is Impacted

There is no question that these unique attributes to San Diego mean real estate listings will continue to change at a rapid pace.

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