4 Ways to Bring More People to Your Open House

Are you ready to sell your house? Here’s how to get more interested people in the door at your showing!

Create Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is like the first impression of a house and is what people see from the street when they drive by the property or walk up to enter for your open house. In the lead up to your open house, many interested candidates will drive by the property. Before you put your home in the real estate listings, take some time to make sure it is in impeccable shape for people to drive by and look at. Complete any unfinished landscape jobs in the yard and make the decking looks attractive. Rake the lawn, plant flowers and trim the hedges. All of these things offer a great impression when someone drives by to inspect, and may be all it takes to get them to show up for open house.

Go on Social Media

Just because someone sees your home in the San Diego real estate listings doesn’t mean they are going to make a plan to come see it. In fact, with so many other listings, they may not even consider coming at all. In order to make your house the one they visit, you need to make sure everyone knows about it and is constantly reminded. Social media is the perfect place to do this. Go on Facebook and create an event, inviting your friends to come. Even if they aren’t looking for a house, they may know someone who is and they can pass along the online invite. Post pictures on your Instagram and Facebook accounts and do an Insta story as the day approaches. Any way you can increase exposure and make people more aware is a great way to make sure more people show up!

Talk About It

In addition to going on social media however, be your own advertising and talk about your sale! Tell your neighbors and friends that you are selling your home; talk to your colleagues at work, or send out a mass email to make people aware of your move. People know people, and chances are, word of mouth and spreading the news across your social network will get a few more people to your open house than if you kept your plans to yourself.

Offer the Right Signage

Finally, don’t forget to put out signs! On the day of the open house, place signs at the end of your driveway so that people know exactly which house it is. Post signs at the end of the street to avoid anybody taking a wrong turn, and in the lead up to the open house, be sure to put up signs in the neighborhood so that people driving by know there is an open house coming up in the area.

While it may take a few open houses before you complete the sale, playing the cards to your advantage each time will maximize the chance of your success!

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