4 Tips on Giving a Home a Country Style Flourish

Sellers who have had their property listed for a significant amount of time and who need to sell their San Diego house as quickly as possible might be interested in incorporating simple, attractive design elements to their home. Country style houses are currently in, so why not give a home a fresh country flourish? Here are four ways to do it.

Go for Raw Materials

Old-fashioned, country style homes are distinguishable by their distressed furniture and raw materials. These add a great sense of personality, richness, and texture to the home’s decor. These are the qualities that we typically look for in a country home. While it’s not exactly conventional to the country style, homeowners can use natural stone for their floors or countertops to further the natural-ness of the design. Alternatively, wood or even concrete can be used in these areas. Glass furniture is also pleasantly striking in a country style home, as are slate-top sideboards. Although old-fashioned design is the aim here, homeowners are encouraged to experiment with a variety of foreign elements to achieve their own unique country style.

Mix and Match

Just because country is the intention here, doesn’t mean that the decor can’t feature a healthy mix of other styles. For instance, mixing contemporary furniture into the design can create an attractive contrast that works well with the rustic country style. Stainless steel modern appliances can bring a welcome degree of sharpness into a kitchen, as can ergonomic furniture in the living room. Again, homeowners are encouraged to add their own unique flair to their country style, and avoid sticking to any sort of textbook design regimen.


In traditional country decor, each individual item has a unique story to tell. Old furniture items come with their share of history, though there’s no reason to think that that history would be effectively erased by giving the furniture a fresh new finish. Homeowners should experiment with their home design by restoring old, worn down furniture, preferably those made of pine, oak, or beech wood. These newly restored furniture items can then be accessorized with a distinct looking vase or lamp.

Playing With Color

Traditionally country style homes feature a neutral atmosphere, replete with faded, soft colors like white and light brown. These days, homes typically need a little more shine in order to truly stick out. For this reason, homeowners should feel entirely free to play with different color formations through adding throws and rugs in the living room or colorful dishes to the kitchen. These decorative flourishes can go a long way in adding a stark, unique touch to a home.

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