4 Reasons to Shop for Real Estate in San Diego

There are many reasons why buyers look for real estate in San Diego, including the weather, available outdoor activities, and numerous cultural activities. Let’s take a look at what there is to love about San Diego:


The weather in San Diego is simply amazing. Temperatures are usually in the 70s with very little rain year round. Snow has only been recorded five times in the city and winters are cool and dry, though what little rain the region gets is usually between December and March. There can be periods of May and June gloom with a persistent fog, but this usually breaks into sunshine after a short time. Due to the easterly winds, the highest temperatures often occur in October, The record low is 25 degrees Fahrenheit, which is positively warm compared to the Northeast of the US. Those who dream of warm, mild temperatures may find that this is precisely where they’d like to be.


This city has some of the best beaches in the country, and with the mild weather, they’re always accessible. Surfing, swimming, fishing, and sunbathing are always just down the road and available. State and national parks are scattered throughout the region and biking, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking are popular pastimes through the area. With such close access to the ocean, sailing and deep sea fishing are common outdoor activities, and whale watching is especially common and successful off the coast. Balboa Park, in the city, is a massive urban park with tons of museums, artwork, and parkland for the entire family to enjoy.


This area has a somewhat diverse culture, with East Asian and Mexican influences, which can easily be seen in the food options available. Generally, Mexican cuisine, seafood, and fresh produce are the specialties of the area and are joined by foods from around the world in various offerings. Tourism is big business here, with lots of tourist attractions, including one of the most famous zoos in the country and various parks and other destinations. Interestingly, craft breweries have become very popular in the region in the last 30 years or so, and the city is considered one of the primary hubs for the craft. Comic-con International is a huge yearly convention that invades the convention center in a celebration of all things geeky, nerdy and dorky. The cosplayers surrounding the center are a sight to see, even if one shies away from the con itself. Finally, San Diego is a very casual place. Even by California standards, outfits are foremost about comfort and impressing others isn’t generally a top concern.


Depending on where a person is from, this area may not seem to have price as a positive, but compared to Los Angeles, San Jose or San Francisco, the cost of living is very reasonable. Just about everything is somewhat cheaper than the bigger cities of California but does tend to be more expensive than cities elsewhere in the country. While the object cost may not be low, the value is actually pretty significant. Real estate in San Diego is usually a bargain for the quality of life one gets for the money.

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