3 Tips for Making a Fast House Sale

Whether you recently learned of a job transfer, need to move in with a family member, or have just decided that you want to move out of your current house in a hurry, it is possible to have a fast home sale and not have your house sit on the market for several weeks. Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Get Prepared

Before you consider listing your house and putting it on the market, get yourself and your house prepared so that you can limit any hurdles on the way to getting the for sale sign up. Start by completing any repairs or renovations that are half-finished in your house, and then work to depersonalize and clean. Get rid of excess clutter, donate items to charity, and do a complete clean up of your yard and outdoor area, including the roof and gutters. From there, have a pre-listing inspection done to make sure there are no issues with the house such as in the foundation or attic, which would ultimately hold up the process once you have the wheels in motion. Finally, start maximizing your curb appeal and then get ready to advertise your house!

  1. Find an Agent

The best thing you can do for yourself to speed up the selling process is to hire a real estate agent. If you are looking to make a fast sale, and you don’t have an agent to help you out with it, you will spend a lot of unnecessary time researching the ins and outs of house sales, legalities for contracts, what to know about finances, home inspections, closing deals and more. Save yourself the time – and the headaches – and find an agent. They will already know how to do all of these things, and if you have done your preparation, as detailed above, you can show up ready to have your house evaluated, priced and listed and then get started on looking for buyers right away.

  1. Be Flexible

If you want to get your house on and off the market fast, you need to be open and flexible to things that you may otherwise be a stickler for if you had more time. The biggest one of course is price. You can sell your home quick for cash, if you are open to negotiating how much cash you take and what the price is that you charge. Chances are, the buyer will know you are looking to sell your house fast, and will use this to their advantage. They may make a lower offer, opt not to do a house inspection and offer less for the property as a result, or expect you to be flexible in the settlement as a condition of offering to streamline and hasten the selling process. Speak with your agent ahead of accepting offers to know what your line is, in terms of how flexible you are willing to be on price, conditions and timeline for settlement.

With these tips and a good agent by your side, your house will be on and off the market in record time!

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