Don’t let worry or fear keep you from downsizing your home. The memories will always stay with you and there is no need to be embarrassed. Simplifying your life is an exciting time. Renovation Realty has the expertise in maximizing your home profits, with no out-of-pocket costs to you. Let us help you get your home market ready with any upgrades or renovations. We will help you and your family get a fresh start. Lower your costs and unlock a simpler, better quality of life with Renovation Reality.

Benefits of Downsizing

The benefits of having less space and fewer rooms to maintain means less household and yard work and more time for you. Saving money on monthly bills like heating, cooling, electricity etc. reduces your monthly household expenses. Downsizing can reduce mortgage payments and living costs and may also provide the equity required to generate income for now and in the future! From repairs, upgrades to renovations, we invest the time and money to prepare your home to go to market, so we can sell your property for the most profit, with no out-of-pocket costs to you or your family.

Think Long Term

Planning ahead when you are downsizing your home while ensure that your transition is a success.

Consider the hidden costs that are associated with keeping your current home that is too large. Downsizing will allow you to reduce debt, pay off mortgage, and increase or live off retirement funds. The proceeds from the sale of your home may allow you to have more financial freedom.

Focus on the Big Picture

There are many reasons why downsizing your home makes sense. Living in a home that’s too large for your current needs can be just as much of an inconvenience as living in one that’s too small. Keep your focus on the big picture.

  • Sabrina B.
    Thank you for helping us close that chapter. You made what could have been a long, drawn-out ordeal into an efficient process. Just so that you’re aware, we’ve given you rave reviews along with strong recommendations!! The only negative part of this whole thing is that we’ll no longer be in touch with you.
    Sabrina B.
  • Marc D.
    I was in a financial bind and had to sell my house. Maximizing the amount of money I was to receive from the sale was critical. I was attracted to the Renovation Realty concept. They dramatically transformed my old house into a beautiful model home in a short period of time. They received 11 offers on the house within 2 days of appearing on the market! All of those offers were over the list price!
    Marc D.
  • -Kay F.
    When the time came to sell our parents' home, it seemed an overwhelming task. The house needed a lot of attention. The job was more than we could handle Renovation Realty made an impossible task become an amazing reality. Within 3 months the house was completely redone, sold after the first open house, and escrow closed in a timely fashion!
    -Kay F.
  • -Don H.
    The Renovation Realty business model is a home seller’s dream. Where else can a cash-strapped homeowner find a partner, who has the financial resources to front the money, design and construction expertise to complete full-scale renovations, and then operate a full-service realty operation with a home seller's profit in mind.
    -Don H.
  • -Chris A.
    I used Steve and his crew to do some basic upgrades and work before I put my house on the market. With great execution and market research, once we hit the market, we received offers over asking price within 6 days. I would highly recommend using Renovation Realty.
    -Chris A.
  • -Holly P.
    It was a difficult time for our family and selling our home of 37 years was a decision we didn't take lightly. They transformed our well-worn home into a bright new place. We closed in under 30 days at 20K over asking price.
    -Holly P.
  • -Danica D.
    If you’re reading their business model and wondering, what’s the catch? There is none! The entire team at Renovation Realty was professional, straight-forward, and accommodating throughout the renovation and sale of my home. Selling your house is already tough enough-they made it as PAINLESS as possible.
    -Danica D.
  • -Jonathan and Sherri B.
    Keith and Griffin were instrumental in advising us what renovations would give us top dollar for our home and then carrying out those renovations in a timely and professional manner. We received multiple offers for our home. We know that this only happened because of Renovation Realty.”
    -Jonathan and Sherri B.
  • -Josh H.
    We recently worked with Renovation Realty to sell our San Diego home and were more than pleasantly surprised with our experience. Everything was disclosed to us and laid out several options. Highly recommend this company!
    -Josh H.
  • -Doug H.
    Griffin and Terri did an incredible job of getting the house listed and sold quickly for a top market price! They have perfected a unique concept to get a house ready for sale that needs some work, with no out-of-pocket cost to the owner!
    -Doug H.
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