3 Reasons to Trust a Real Estate Agent

Finding the right agent to help you in the sale of your home comes with some complications. If you have limited experience in the real estate market it could seem as if everyone is a shark out for their own selfish gain. Perhaps the rising costs of real estate in San Diego and surrounding Bay Area have induced this thought more and more over the past couple of years. Are they just out there ballooning prices to line their own wallets? Will they force a super high sale price for my own and it will be left on the market for way too long? These are potential concerns that every homeowner should be aware of.

Or perhaps you are just unsure as to whether it makes sense to give someone else a cut of the profits you will make from the eventual sale of the property. It is after all your own home, and you can just put the work in and find an interested buyer, negotiate the terms of the sale, and go through all the paperwork to make it official, right?

Not so fast. Both perspectives have validity and make a lot of sense. However, they both also suffer from a lack of oversight and a short-sighted perspective on the real estate market in general and most real estate agents in particular.

Here are three reasons why it makes sense to trust a real estate agent in helping you get the best deal on the sale of your home:

1. Real Estate Agents Know the Market Better Than Anyone

In imagining yourself playing real estate agent on your own property, perhaps you envision doing a little research into the market for similar sized homes to get an idea of what to ask for. This would make up for about 1% of the time and experience a real estate agent has selling homes just like yours across San Diego. There is no better resource to fall back on that experience, and real estate agents have that in spades.

2. Composure Will Close the Sale

Working with a calm real estate agent means you can speak with an outsider who is actually on your team about your home and future plans. Not only that: the agent will walk you through all the confusing paperwork and ensure the legalities of the sale are taken care of for you. So think about this service the next time you question giving a percentage of the sale price to your trusted agent.

3. They Have Your Best Interests in Mind

In actuality, agents are not thinking about their own profit margins. They are empathetic people who know how to read the market and set a price that works for you, their client. If you don’t agree on a price then it is up to you to negotiate with your agent until it works for both of you. That is how trust is developed.

3 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Trust a Real Estate Agent

  1. Thanks for explaining why it could be good to get help from a real estate agent. It’s nice to know that they can help you walk through all the paperwork that’s confusing. This sounds very helpful especially so you can know what documents you’ve filed correctly before their deadlines.

  2. My wife and I are looking to move to a warmer climate for retirement. We don’t need a lot of square footage, but we still want something nice. Using an agent is something that makes sense to us and after you mentioned the paperwork that comes with closing a sale the decision becomes easy. Nobody wants to deal with the paperwork that comes with buying a home.

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