What Older Americans Need to Think About When Buying Their Next Home

As the Baby Boomer generation approaches their 60’s, more and more older Americans are taking stock on what the future holds for them and their living situations. Many are downsizing to homes that are simply more manageable, and others are relocating to areas ripe with sunshine and temperate weather forecasts. Searching for the home that will best serve one in their retirement years can be a daunting task, but the process can go smoothly with a little forethought about the needs and wants of the home buyer.

Here is a list of things older Americans should consider when buying their next home.

1. Location, location, location

Think about the type of life desired and plan the search accordingly. For example, Baby Boomers with an active lifestyle may scour San Diego real estate listings in search of bungalows near the beach for surfing or homes close to Balboa Park’s walking trails. Those who prefer a more serene life might consider a community on a golf course or gated community life.

2. Stairs

It’s also important to think about factors that could become an issue down the road. Active adults in their 60’s may struggle with going up and down stairs in a decade or two. They also could find danger in steep basement steps. Thinking about these factors today could save a homeowner from a fall and subsequent injury down the road.

3. Size Does Matter

By the time one reaches their 70’s, they may want to start slowing down. If this is the case, does the thought of a large home to clean and maintain really sound appealing? Smaller square footage can mean less time spent mopping and vacuuming. Additionally, a smaller home is less expensive to paint and there is usually less yard to mow.

4. Peace and Quiet

Those seeking more quiet in their Golden Years might want to ask around various neighborhoods about noise ordinances, along with whether or not young families live in the area. If one is searching for quiet and solitude, they should avoid buying homes near parks or major tourist destinations in the area as well.

5. Dreams Fulfilled

Maybe solitude is the life a senior has always dreamed of, but maybe not! People in their 60’s and 70’s who are shopping for home definitely shouldn’t shy away from a purchase that let’s them pursue their dreams! Maybe a big garden with vegetables to share with the whole neighborhood is the fantasy. Perhaps hosting community barbecues is the dream. Purchase the home and the land that allows for all of those dreams to become a reality.

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