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Our History

New Real Estate Marketing Concept for San Diego and the SFO South Bay Area

In 2011, Renovation Realty launched their innovative business model in San Diego CA.

The idea behind the new real estate marketing concept was to merge both our contractor’s license and real estate license so we could do renovations for clients, then list and sell their home as the real estate brokerage. By combining both services, we could help virtually all homeowners who are selling a home; either by adding value before we listed their home, buying it fast for cash, or just providing the listing service itself. This unique real estate marketing concept has proven to be very successful and currently operates in two markets in California, San Diego and San Francisco South Bay Area. The company continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The other brilliant element added to renovation and selling of the home was that the company would defer all costs to the client until the home sold. What this element added to the business model was a trust factor with clients. Having “skin in the game” meant homeowners realized the company truly has their best interests in mind. Because we don’t get repaid until the home sells, it means getting the job done quickly is important to both the homeowner and the company. With this exceptional renovation and marketing combination, we are able to offer a whole new real estate concept that makes our clients’ homes incredibly appealing.

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