What Is All Of This About Location?

Real estate is a fickle monster that is determined by a lot of different things. There are changes in the Bay Area housing market all the time, and changing money trends that can affect when people buy. Regardless of any of that, there is one thing that is incredibly important: location. The term “location, location, location” was first penned in the New York Times in 1926 and it is just as relevant today as it was back then.

One of the things that location refers to is the safety of the particular neighborhood or location. People want to feel like they are in a safe place to raise kids or to let their grandkids come and visit. Even if they don’t have kids, if it is a place that is good for kids, it is good for everyone. People like the feeling of an old school neighborhood where people leave their doors unlocked and they aren’t afraid to ask their neighbors for help.

Good schools are a big part of a great location because of the indication that they reveal about an are. The best schools are located in the best areas of a city and in the places with the best home values. This is something that buyers look at whether they already have kids or never even plan of having any at all. Also, when it comes time to sell there is always a family with a couple of kids that are looking for a house in a great neighborhood in an exceptional school district.

Water is always a great draw to a home. People love to be able to look out their windows and have a view of beautiful water. It doesn’t matter if it is a beach, stream, creek, river, pond, or lake, water is always a perfect selling point. It is a feature that people can design a backyard around or draw inspiration from for interior design.

People want to be able to have access to commercial centers and stuff to do. They want to be able to easily get to shopping centers and delicious local eateries and restaurants. Homes that offer tenants options in the things they can do on a nightly basis are homes that are in the best locations.

If you are looking to relocate to a new city and you don’t know much, renting first is always a good idea. It gives you time to learn the area, where the best neighborhoods are, and what parts of the city you would like to live in. You can scope out the commute to work and the public transportation of the area as well. You have to get to know the location before you can judge it.

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