How You Know It’s Time To Move

Getting revved up for the inevitable is something we all have to face once and a while. Usually it occurs with a change of job that just needs to happen, but could also be the dissolution of a marriage or time to scrap your first car and buy a new one. In all these scenarios in life there are signs that emerge along the way indicating something is not working out anymore, and something needs to change.

It is the exact same process with your property. Signs will emerge along the way indicating to you and your family that something in the house is no longer working, and that something must change. As the housing market in the Bay Area has caught fire in recent years, perhaps now is the best time you could think of to sell a home and make the step up to something that better suits your current situation. On the other hand, if you do not act soon then prices will only get higher by this time next year!

Here are some of the potential signs that should tell you it’s time to move:

No Storage Space

A lot of homes or condos are built in a compact style that makes them quite snug to live in. Comfort certainly is found in snug places, but only for so long. If you are collecting more interior items or clothing, and you are finding it tough to store everything, then perhaps you should look to scale up. Making the move from a condo into a bungalow is a great transition move that indicates you have settled into a pattern of living that works for you, rather than you always living in discomfort to save money.

The Commute is Becoming An Issue

Do you spend longer in the car every day than you would like? Is there a possibility to move closer to work without compromising your quality of life? Getting to a comfortable place with your daily commute is important because it will keep you feeling excited about your job and your activities after work and on weekends. Spending the majority of your free time in a car is really not the epitome of sustainable for most people.

You Want to Start A Family or Have More Kids

A lot of families wait too long before moving into a bigger property to live with their kids. The classic conundrum is having the kids in a super small home and then, once they are three or four years old, finally making the move somewhere more spacious. Making the move before having the kids will not only be easier on you and your partner – it will also be easier on your new kids. This is still possible on an affordable mortgage in parts of the Bay Area (like San Diego) where the housing market is yet to reach the levels of San Francisco.

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