4 Bay Area Attractions

The Bay Area housing market is one of the most lively and expensive markets in the country, and with good reason. The jobs available in the area attract a vast number of new home buyers and renters, and those who move for work find themselves quickly falling in love with the region.

Let’s look at some of the attractions and benefits to moving here:

The Food

The food scene in the Bay Area is fantastic, one of the most interesting and exciting in the US. It is known for its Mexican cuisine with most of the focus being on San Francisco’s Mission District, there are great Mexican food choices from burritos to tamales to mole to menudo soup, it’s hard to go wrong with any choice. With significant and long-standing Asian influences and direct access to the Pacific, sushi and other seafood are plentiful and top notch. Of course, there are many sub-par options, but the best sushi ranks in the top of the country. Produce is another category where San Francisco and surrounds excel. Fruit and vegetables are nearly always reasonably local and in season. This is a great location for everyone from hardcore foodies to those just learning to expand their palates.


One of the downsides to moving to a city is the lack of nature and outdoor activities. This location doesn’t have that problem. Just about any activity a person can think of is a day trip away. Activities from surfing to hiking to skiing are at most a couple hours away. Even better than the accessibility is the quality, the national parks and ski resorts are the best in the country, with Yosemite prime among the natural resources on offer. Whether it is biking around the city, hiking among the redwoods or skiing in Tahoe, it’s hard to ask for more than this offers.

The Weather

The weather in northern California is famously mild, with the cool water of the Pacific Ocean moderating the temperature swings. Winters are warm with rare snow falls and summers are cool, moist summers.  The rainy season from November to April is cool and tends to be gray, but isn’t unpleasant. Many who have moved elsewhere make jokes that it’s odd to have four different seasons.

The Culture

The area is a melting pot of many strong cultures. This makes for an interesting and varied place to live, with plenty to do, see, and experience.  Whether it is shopping, cooking, making friends, or just exploring, anyone who moves to the region is likely to learn something new and experience something they haven’t before.

With all these factors leading to a vibrant, exciting, unique place to live, there’s no surprise the Bay Area housing market is as competitive and fast-moving as it is.

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